River Patrol (Book #5) - Dark Corps

River Patrol (Book #5)

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Ever since the beginning, Timmy Barnes has had the protection of his five armored guardians, Bear Company, to help him on his journey. But now, as he and his friend Anna head down a dark river, they have only two of the bears with them. After being separated in a dense fog, Timmy had the difficult decision of leaving without Mother, Blue, and Bruiser. The River Patrol, a collection of aquatic animals, is there to help them along, but a powerful Dark is hot on their trail. At the same time, the other bears have not yet given up on their chances of finding Timmy again as they race towards his location, even though catching up will be very difficult. If all that isn’t bad enough, one of the bears is not who they think he is! With everyone separated and very little hope to go around, things seem very bleak—unless Timmy can find hope again, and help the others do so too.