Corps Command (Book #6) - Dark Corps

Corps Command (Book #6)

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Reunited with his friends of Bear Company, ten-year-old Timmy Barnes and his friend Anna come to yet another rendezvous point—one that Timmy is hoping will be their last. He finally meets the mysterious General Leo and the other members of Corps Command, the unit that leads the entire Dark Corps, but the news is not all good. Timmy’s father, Dr. Barnes, was unable to escape the underground ice base, and no one knows why. They manage to learn the truth, however, from an unlikely source—a young research assistant that escaped the base through a portal. The important thing, according to the General, is that Timmy is safe, and he can stay at their secret, hidden base until they discover what happened to his father and rescue him. It’s safe and secure… isn’t it? They’ll soon find out, since the leader of the Dark himself, the shadow known as Total Dark, has finally come out from underground to see to matters personally.