Homestead Defense Force (Book #3) - Dark Corps

Homestead Defense Force (Book #3)

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 Book #3 in the Dark Corps series. Ages 6 and up.

Battling the Dark down on the farm!

Timmy and Bear Company have made it out of the city with the help of Wolf Squad and Air Strike. Now, they must get to their next rendezvous point before the Dark can find them. A journey that leads them through a treacherous cornfield and into the path of Blight, a formidable minion of Total Dark. Luckily for them, a rugged team of robotic, barnyard stuffed animals known as the Homestead Defense Force are there to help Timmy, Anna, and Bear Company defend a creepy barn from Blight and a swarm of the Dark. But to make it through the night, they will have to defeat a powerful new shadow that arrives to snatch the children.

Will they make it to the morning?

Never be afraid of the Dark